Mauricio Sulaimán

For decades, the World Boxing Council has been the sum of the effort, knowledge and passion of its people. The best referees, judges, supervisors, doctors and experts in different boxing areas have dedicated themselves to train the best ring officials in the world. Our determination to constantly promote the excellence of our Ring Officials isn't about personal fame, nor popularity as an institution; simply, we have a compromise to keep the wellbeing of our boxers, and the integrity of our sport. We know that our work can affect, for better or worse, the health, careers and dreams of our athletes, of their families and of those who are part of their teams. The WBC has always been renowned for being at the forefront of new knowledge, trying new ways, bringing new technologies and searching for innovations in all areas that can make our sport safer, more appealing and more fair. I'm sure that the WBC will keep on this path, to continue setting the course of our sport with projects, such as WBC University. We know that there's still a lot to do, and that excites us. I'm proud to share the same deep gratitude that my father always had for so many people that have dedicated their valuable time, and the best of themselves in order to train generations of Ring Officials, which have managed to build, across all this time, a true family.

Our Team

Mauricio Sulaimán

WBC President

Chriss Migliore

Boxing Judge

Juan Carlos Manzano

Boxing Referee

Pablo Chacon

Boxing Trainer

Miguel Nazul

Sports Medicine Specialist

Xochitl Lagarda

WBC Academic Director

Hector Afu

Boxing Referee

Alfredo Caballero

Boxing Trainer

Dr. Ricardo Monreal

WBC Medical Advisory Board

Juan Manuel Tong


Duane Ford

Ring Officials Committee Chairman

Jay Nady

Boxing Referee

Erik Morales

Boxing Trainer

Dr. Lorenzo Soberanes

Doctor in Sports Nutrition

Rockwell Herron

Ex-DEA Agent

José Manzur

Boxing Judge

Guadalupe García

Boxing Referee

Mykel Balmaseda

Boxing Trainer

Dominique Aceves


Gilvert Verdugo

Technology Coordinator

Omar Mintun

Boxing Judge

Frank Garza

Boxing Referee

Luciano Planas

Boxing Trainer

Diana Sosa

Sports Psychologist

Gabriela Amador

Academic Coordinator

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The Network of International Experts that integrates the WBC University guarantees that the experience and tradition of WBC (World Boxing Council) is transferred fully in the offered courses.


FLEXIBLE: Personal circumstances are not a barrier to training. DYNAMIC: Each student design his/her own study program. PERSONALIZED: It is an educational process guided, oriented and motivated by a technical tutor.


The knowledge our students acquire they are quality, content and tradition exclusive to the WBC (World Boxing Council) – By certifying at WBC University, you acquire the right to be part of the technicians REGISTRY NETWORK and experts from the WBC (World Boxing Council).

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